Wholesale Colombian Roses

Macarena Farms is a Colombian flower farm offering a wide range of blossoms for export to wholesalers and florists all over the globe. Our wholesale Colombian roses are recognized for their bright colors, superior vase life, and clean foliage. We adhere to strict classification standards to ensure that the characteristics of each stem’s head size are within the parameters required by the stem’s length. This guarantees that our clients always receive a uniform bunch with appropriate head sizes.

Our wholesale flower growers follow a rigorous step-by-step process through harvest, post-harvest, cooling and packing, and shipping, ensuring that our blossoms are of the highest quality and delivered in the as swiftly as possible.

Though our Colombian flower farm specializes in wholesale Colombian roses, we grow a wide assortment of beautiful flowers ready to make the to our clients. Macarena Farms’ wholesale flower growers operate in the Colombian Andes Mountains, where the climate and altitude make for an ideal flower growing region.


Our flowers are thoroughly prepped and ready to be shipped world-wide daily. See what makes Macarena Farms’ extraordinary flowers different for yourself! 


The preservation and appropriate use of our natural resources is key for us.


After all, the quality of our product is dependent on the quality of the air, soil and water that surround us. As a result, we recycle most of our inorganic waste material, control our water use through a tailor made irrigation system and compost most of our organic waste to fertilize our soil.


Macarena Farms is a Colombian Rose Grower of the highest quality Colombian Roses.

Quality Assurance

Our quality control group goes through a rigorous process to assure consistency on our orders. 

Macarena Farms staff makes sure that the highest post-harvest technologies & quality control standards are in place.


We work closely with our clients to carefully follow special packaging and specific shipping instructions.

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