Advantages of Colombian Flowers

One of the key advantages of Colombian flowers is simply that the Colombian flower industry is the second largest in the world! Expanding out from the Andean foothills, the savannah surrounding the capital, Bogotá, features an ideal climate for growing crops, with little to no temperature deviation and an average of twelve hours of sunlight daily year-round. An extensive network of wetlands and waterfalls, along with clay-rich soil, plays a large role in the success of Colombian rose farms.

Macarena Farms’ Colombian rose growers follow a very strict process throughout all our cultivation practices and adhere to stringent classification requirements. This process is monitored by a quality control team to ensure that our clients receive uniform flower bunches with excellent head sizes.  


Macarena Farms’ approach is straightforward: After flowers have grown at our Colombian rose farms, we begin the cutting process, after which flowers are delicately delivered from our greenhouses to our post-harvest facilities. There, they undergo thorough hydration and cooling treatments. Our Colombian rose growers then classify each stem individually based on our parameters and client requirements. The main characteristic that are taken into consideration is the comparison of head size to stem length. This attention to detail at every step is crucial to delivering beautiful flowers with long-lasting vase lives and is one of the many advantages of our Colombian flowers. Once our roses have been packed, they remain in a cooler for no less than twelve hours to guarantee freshness. Shipping is the final step—we deliver finished products for shipment all around the world, six days a week. No matter where their destination may be, our roses will be ready for the trip. 

Now that you’ve learned about our process, we invite you to explore our selection and find the flowers you’ve been looking for. See for yourself today why Macarena Farms is best choice for all your floral needs!

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