Macarena Farms' cultivation practices, infrastructure and motivated staff, bring to the world's most demanding clients roses recognized by their bright colors, superior vase life and clean foliage.


After the cutting process, roses are carefully transported from the greenhouses to our post-harvest facilities. This process is permanently monitored by a Quality Control Supervisor. This practice allows us to deliver the product to the post-harvest in the shortest time possible.




Following the cutting process, thorough preparations are made prior to shipment of orders world-wide. After intensive hydration and cooling treatments, the roses are classified based on our parameters and client demands.


We follow very strict classification standards. The main characteristic for every stem is the head size. This parameter primes over stem length. Therefore assuring that our clients receive a uniform flower bunch with good head sizes.

Thorough hydration and cooling practices determine the long lasting vase life a characteristic of our roses. We do not ship roses that have been hydrating and cooling less than 12 hours. Our coolers have a combined area of 1.600 cubic meters.


The first hours of the day are of greatest activity, since roses are cut very early in the morning, starting at 6:00 a.m. The flowers are then classified in sizes ranging from 40 cm to 120 cm. Our post-harvest group controls the opening stage and bud size of each flower. We bunch our flowers in 10, 12, 20 or 25 stems per bunch, or according to our client's needs.  On each bunch, you will find several labels, for instance one with the the day of cutting, the second with the name code of the person who produced the bunch and the day of manufacturing.




Cooling & Packing


The cooling process is comprised by two different cooling areas with different temperature. The first cooler is kept at 6 ºC., and is where roses go through a mandatory phase of preventive treatment against fungus infections. Then they are moved to the second cooler, which is kept constantly at 2ºC.


The boxes are packed at the second cooler and they must remain at this cooler for at least 12 hours to guarantee freshness.






This is the final stage. Our trucks go to the airport 6 days per week. The whole process assures our flowers are ready for a long trip to Sydney, Tokyo, London, New York, Moscow, Miami, Santiago, or wherever the client is located. Our flowers are shipped all over the world on a daily basis. They will definitely impress by their beauty and long vase life at their final destination.

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