Our Colombian Flower Varieties

Macarena Farms produces a broad array of Colombian flower varieties for you to choose from! Whether you’re looking for a specific color or type of flower, Colombia is recognized around the world for the quality and beauty of its flowers—our selection of Colombian flower names available are truly endless. Our extensive assortment of rose varieties includes:

Freedom | Topaz | Pink Floyd | Queenberry | Breezer | Santana | Orange Crush High and Orange Magic | Hilux | High & Magic | Cool Water | Moody Blues | Deep Purple | Sweet Unique | Hermosa | Girlfriend | Rosita Vendela | Conquista | Jessika | Luciano | Priceless | Satina | Brighton | High & Exotic | Citran | Bikini | Tycoon | Sunset | Glory | Cuenca | Tiffany | FloridaQuicksand | Sweetness | Iguana | White | Chocolate | Akito | Mondial | Vendela | Proud | Polar Star | Lemonade, Rebecca, Soul, Glacier

Macarena Farms proudly offers a diverse collection of Colombian flower varieties for our clients. Now that you’ve learned a bit about our Colombian flower names, we invite you to explore the selection available in our online store if you live in the US, or talk to a sales representative if you are outside the US.

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