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  Rose Care


  • Remove all leaves from the portion of the stems that will be placed inside the water/vase. The leaves should not make contact with the water or remain inside the vase


  • Prior to placing the roses in water, proceed to trim all stems diagonally at the very bottom by two centimeters/1 inch.


  • The water level inside the vase should range between 7 to 10 cm/3 to 4 inches. This depends on the size of the vase. Adding a spoon of sugar will enhance the vase life of your roses.


  • Do not put the vase with your roses in sunny areas or with direct sun light. The ideal place is cool and does not have direct sun light.


  • Trim the stems 1 cm. (about ½ in.) every other day, and change the water every two to three days.


  • Add water as the flowers consume it, or change it completely.

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